Using Google Places For Your Local Business – How To Rank Highly On Google Places

What does it take to sell more of your product or service online? If you are a small business owner and you run your business offline you know that times have been tough over the past few years. Some forecasts say that we still have more bad times to come. Tonight I drove past where all the car dealerships are in my town. Over half of them are abandoned empty buildings now because of the economy.

What can you do as a small business owner to get more sales? You need to give this little test a try right now. Go to Google and type in a keyword that is associated with your business. Now tell me does your website or something pointing people to your site pop up on the first page of the search results? If your answer is no then you are in trouble because your competitors show up.

Most people 30 and younger use the Internet exclusively to make their buying decisions. Are you OK with missing out on all these sales? I hope you aren’t! If you want to be found then one of the best ways is by using Google Places.

Google Places is the new yellow pages and it is the results that appear with the Google Maps icon beside them in the search results. You can sign up your business for free, or if you are already on there you can verify you are the owner and edit the account.

Once you have the account verified you will be able to add photos, link in videos of your products and services, and ask your most valued customers to leave you positive reviews. All of these things will help you to get higher rankings when it comes to your places account.

Your business is going to die, survive, or thrive based on how well you use the net to market yourself. If you don’t know how to use the net read more and find out. If you are good with online marketing then get to work. If you have to then hire someone to do it for you. The Internet will not wait on you, the buyers out there don’t know that you are better than the competition. Let them make a. Wise choice by putting yourself in the game.